Think that was bad? RFRA’s even worse.

Posted on June 16, 2015

rfraworsfbLast week, we faced a serious setback in our movement to achieve full equality for LGBT Michiganders when Governor Snyder signed the anti-adoption RFRA bills into law.

These bills are especially concerning because they give adoption and foster agencies the ability to deny loving homes to children in need based on their so-called religious beliefs.

But while this bill is bad, especially for the 13,000+ children in the Michigan foster care system, RFRA could be even worse—and legalize discrimination against LGBT Michiganders in nearly all aspects of their lives. If we don’t work together, this bill could be rushed through in a matter of weeks.

Earlier this year, Governor Snyder promised to veto RFRA, but after last week, we have to do everything we can to hold him to his word. Click here to add your name to the petition and we will hand-deliver your signature to the Governor.

Friend, this isn’t an exaggeration. If RFRA is passed into law, doctors could deny treatment to patients, police officers could refuse to protect their communities, school guidance counselors could refuse to help gay students, local non-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people could be ignored and abusers could claim domestic violence laws don’t apply to them.

How do we know? Because in states that have already passed a “license to discriminate” RFRA law, we’ve seen all of this and more. Which begs the question, is this really the road we want to go down in Michigan?

Governor Snyder has already promised he’d veto RFRA, but after he signed the anti-adoption RFRA bill into law last week, we need to show him that the people of Michigan mean business.

Click here to sign the petition urging Gov. Snyder to keep his promise to veto RFRA and we’ll hand-deliver your signature.

Thank you for speaking out. Stay tuned as we deliver your signature to the Governor soon!