The fight continues:

Posted on June 29, 2015

ProgressfbOn Friday, the freedom to marry came to Michigan and the nation!

This was a historic ruling, one that will forever change the face of our movement and the nation. But here in Michigan, our work is far from done.

In the face of last weeks’s landmark victory, we still must face some hard truths. Because while this was a shining moment for the LGBT movement, we also know that this ruling will embolden radical lawmakers who will stop at nothing to pass a “license to discriminate” RFRA bill in the coming weeks.

That’s why this marriage ruling marks the end of one fight—to secure the freedom to marry—and the renewed launch of the next chapter of our movement—to defeat these “license to discriminate” RFRA laws and advance non-discrimination protections for all Michiganders.

Click here to send a message to Governor Snyder and the Michigan legislature to show them that we are more committed than ever to defeating RFRA in Michigan.

Already, a few fringe legislators pushed RFRA to committee before the Supreme Court ruling. And now we know they’re going to push harder than ever to put the bill on the Governor’s desk.

In just a matter of days or weeks, we could be in the fight of our lives to stop RFRA as some lawmakers aggressively push for a license to discriminate in the wake of SCOTUS’ ruling. We need to make our voices heard, and we need to do it now. Click here to send a message to the Governor and Michigan legislators and urge them to vote NO on RFRA.

Securing the freedom to marry in Michigan is a testament that when concerned citizens join together, we can and we will change the course of history for the better.

Now let’s harness this momentum, keep strengthening our movement and defeat RFRA before it’s too late.