Michigan Newspapers Agree: Anti-Adoption RFRA is bad for families, bad for the state

Posted on June 18, 2015
newsfbThe editorial boards of some of Michigan’s largest newspapers have weighed in on the anti-adoption RFRA bill Governor Snyder signed into law last week, with one clear message: This misguided law is bad for families and the state.

MLive is the most recent paper to publish an editorial, castigating the Governor for signing this bill into law and second-guessing their decision to endorse Snyder in the last gubernatorial election.

“When MLive endorsed Snyder last November, we declared it was time for him to start acting more like a CEO than a CFO. We called on him to use his bully pulpit to address critical policy issues and better represent the whole state. 

In the past week, he failed those expectations.”

That’s a strong rebuke from MLive which argued that this law damages Michigan’s pro-business reputation, and more importantly, the 13,000+ children in the foster care system who will be directly harmed by the Governor’s actions.

“Snyder failed 13,000 children in foster care by limiting their access to loving and stable forever homes when he signed the “religious objection” adoption bills.

With the same stroke of his pen, he failed the countless same sex couples who are ready, willing and able to provide homes to those needy and often troubled children by making it harder for them to adopt.”

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press accused the Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder for “playing a dangerous game of chicken with the children in its care.”

More so, the Detroit Free Press likened the bill to a Jim Crow Era bill, writing “The legislation is a craven attempt to cloak discrimination in faith, and it leaves the best interests of the 13,000 children in the state’s care — entirely out of the equation.”

And finally, the Battle Creek Enquirer critiqued the Governor for passing a law that is so clearly unconstitutional, opening the state up to costly litigation now that the ACLU of Michigan has all but guaranteed that they will challenge the law.

“It’s simply illegal to use tax dollars to aid in the establishment of religion, and no rationalization, however high-minded, changes the essential fact that this law amounts to state-sanctioned discrimination.”

The Battle Creek Enquirer concludes by arguing that the Governor should have known better than to tarnish the state’s reputation at a time when the state needs to be focusing on the economy and creating jobs.

“It’s a disgraceful, hurtful statute, and it is bitterly disappointing that our governor — an intelligent and capable executive who surely understands the futility of the GOP’s cultural war — would go along with it.

The people of Michigan deserve better.”

We couldn’t agree more. But now that the deed has done, the Governor has a chance to redeem himself somewhat by staying true to his word to veto RFRA if this “license to discriminate” bill is passed in the legislature.

Click here to sign the petition calling on Governor Snyder to keep his promise and veto RFRA, and we’ll hand deliver your signature!