LGBT Michiganders Need Protections Now

Posted on July 23, 2015

There is momentum today for our work in Michigan, as a new federal LGBT Equality bill is introduced in Congress. While this bill sheds a needed spotlight on the important issue of non-discrimination protections for LGBT people, we know we can’t wait for Congress to do the right thing — and LGBT people in Michigan need immediate protection from discrimination.

There’s a lot more work to do to stop efforts to make it easier to discriminate in our state, and to pass comprehensive statewide non-discrimination protections that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

No one in our state should face discrimination because of who they are or whom they love — it’s that simple.  And, we know a majority of Michiganders agree with that principle. Now it’s time to bring the law in-line with our values as a state and protect LGBT people and their families from discrimination.

We must stay ready not only to advocate for these critical non-discrimination efforts, but also be vigilant for the efforts to pass a RFRA law and make it easier to discriminate in our state.

There’s a lot of work ahead, but with supporters like you I know we’re up for the challenge. And if keep up the hard work, it won’t be long before our state does the right thing and protects us all from discrimination.