Voices for Freedom

Discrimination is wrong—period. That’s why across the state, Michiganders are speaking out in support of updating the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination. Business leaders, people of faith, grassroots activists, LGBT Michiganders and their allies all agree it’s time to modernize Michigan law. It’s the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do and it’s how we can ensure Michigan remains on the cutting edge of innovation.

“This Isn’t a Protected Part of You”
ShariLynn Robinson-Lynk • Ann Arbor Because the laws of our state fail to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination, this hardworking Michigander struggled to pay rent and provide a life for her daughter—simply because she is gay.
A Friend Left With No Recourse After Facing Discrimination
The Rev. Harry T. Cook • Royal Oak The Rev. Harry T. Cook shares a story of a friend who faced discrimination in the workforce. But because Michigan’s civil rights law offers no protections for LGBT people in the workplace, his friend was left with no legal recourse.
A Mother Worries What Michigan’s Discriminatory Laws Mean For Her Daughter
Mary Ortiz • Wayland Mary is proud of her daughter and all that she has accomplished, but worries that without updating the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity, her daughter is vulnerable to abuse, harassment and discrimination.
Two Goat Farmers Find A Warm Welcome In South Lyon
Curt Titus and Tim Rehard • South Lyon Curt and Tim decided to move back to Michigan to start a goat farm and found a welcoming community in South Lyon. But one thing that is out of step with the warm welcome they received upon returning to Michigan was state law that allows legalized discrimination against people who are gay or transgender.
“Hardly A Day Goes By When We Don’t Hear About Discrimination”
Jay Maddock • Kalamazoo “We constantly hear from Michiganders who are living in fear of being fired, not for reasons that have anything to do with their performance or their ability to their job, but simply because of who they love or who they are.”