Press Releases

Polls show strong support for banning LGBT discrimination and stopping RFRA legislation
July 13, 2015 Two recently released polls clearly demonstrate that Michiganders and small businesses support full equality for all. According to the Freedom Michigan coalition, this is especially notable as Michigan legislators continue pushing misleadingly named Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) legislation that would let individuals put their religious beliefs ahead of established state and local laws.
Religious exemption bills should not be used in road funding negotiations, Freedom Michigan tells Lansing
May 28, 2015 Freedom Michigan announced a new public education and digital organizing initiative today called RFRA Hurts, intended to stop the passage of state laws promoting broad religious exemptions in Michigan. The new initiative urges legislators and the governor to not use RFRA and RFRA-type bills – Senate Bill 4 and House Bills 4188-4190 – as leverage during the contentious road funding negotiations.
Opponents of bill encouraging dangerous religious exemptions praise Senate leaders
December 19, 2014 The Michigan Senate has adjourned, killing legislation that would have allowed individuals to avoid following state and local laws they say interfere with their religious beliefs, earning cheers from opponents of the unnecessary legislation.
Freedom Michigan urges full House to hold vote on Elliott-Larsen update
December 3, 2014 With seven days or less remaining in the 2014 lame-duck session, members of the Freedom Michigan coalition are calling on House Speaker Jase Bolger to advance legislation updating the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to protect gay and transgender Michiganders to a full vote on the House floor without delay.
Freedom Michigan launches unprecedented lame-duck campaign to end discrimination in Michigan
November 6, 2014 Time for Michigan to open doors to talent by including LGBT protections in Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.