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June 11, 2015 Today, Governor Snyder signed into law the anti-adoption RFRA bills, which now allow adoption and foster agencies to discriminate against same-sex parents who want to provide a loving home to children in need.
BREAKING: Senate passes anti-adoption RFRA
June 10, 2015 Moments ago, the Michigan Senate passed the anti-adoption RFRA bills—legislation that would allow adoption and foster agencies to discriminate against LGBT Michiganders, based solely on their so-called religious beliefs.
TODAY: Senate votes on “license to discriminate” adoption bill!
June 10, 2015 The Senate will vote TODAY on anti-adoption RFRA bills that could allow adoption and foster agencies to prevent loving and welcoming same-sex parents across Michigan from taking in children in need of a home.
Hold Gov. Snyder to his word
June 3, 2015 After the nationwide backlash following the passage of the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana this past April, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder said, “I would veto RFRA legislation in Michigan if it is a standalone piece of legislation."
Shocked, heartbroken and humiliated
May 29, 2015 If these RFRA-like laws pass we’re scared of what’s ahead for our family. This time it was a pediatrician refusing to care for our six-day-old. But, where does it end? Our daughter deserves access to the same resources as every other child in Michigan. This time, she was 6 days old, I just pray that next time she’s not six years old and asking us why she’s being treated differently because of what our family looks like.
These are real consequences.
May 28, 2015 Right now, Michigan lawmakers are considering two dangerous bills—and both would allow legalized discrimination against LGBT people in our state under the guise of religious freedom.
VICTORY: The “license to discriminate” RFRA bill fails to advance
December 19, 2014 As the lame duck session of 2014 officially came to a close early this morning, members of the Senate did not take a vote on this dangerous legislation, which would have allowed individuals to use their religious beliefs as a justification to discriminate or cause harm to others. That means the legislation will not advance in the 2014 legislative session.
The Livingston Daily: Religious freedom bill is a ‘license to discriminate.”
December 16, 2014 The Livingston Daily warns that “Worst-case scenarios often come true,” in a scathing editorial published this past Saturday, which calls on the Senate to let the so-called Religious Freedom Reformation Act (RFRA) die on the floor.
URGENT: “License to discriminate” bill fast-tracked to the Senate floor!
December 11, 2014 Earlier today, the “license to discriminate” RFRA bill was fast-tracked to the Senate floor. No hearing. No committee vote. And now, the Senate could vote on this dangerous bill at any moment.
Tell your Senator: Don’t allow discrimination against gay & transgender Michiganders!
December 8, 2014 Last week, the Michigan House passed two harmful bills. And as Michiganders committed to protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination, we need your help to stop these misguided bills in their tracks.